Live an unforgetable experience

The bike is your passion. To live it fully, Legends on Track at Serres offers you an exceptional stay in Greece from the 23rd September to the 2 of October.

The programme consists of ferry crossing, luxury hotel and 3 days of riding on the circuit of Serres with stars of the Continental Circus.

A simple and unique concep

Thanks to  the close ties with the riders, Agostini's right-hand man, Arnaldo Wittemberg, will organise with Legends on Track at Serres, 3 days of riding with these unforgetable legends.

A stay that mixes riding and relaxation.

All of this in a country where the sun is the king.

Stars just for you

They've made you dream of racing, but they alone have conquered in total 23 world Championships.


With the Legends experience, these exceptional riders will be travelling with you and better still, they will ride on track at your side, take the same meals as you, sleep in the same hotel and attend the same briefings.

As far as safety is concerned all riders are equal, world champions or not.

Track Days for everyone

Legends on Track at Serres is open to participants who wish to ride with riders legend.

But also to all motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to accompany us and take advantage of our rates at group prices, even if they do not ride, but want to discover Greece.

1 - Special MV AGUSTA Track Days

with Giacomo Agostini.
- Open to all MV AGUSTA clubs and also to MV AGUSTA or MAGNI owners.

2 - Special CLASSIC Track Days

with Carlos Lavado, Pier Paolo Bianchi and Piergiacomo Agostini.
- Open to all bikes before 1986.

3 - Special BALKAN Track Days

with Freddie Spencer.
- Open to all bikes after 1986.

4 -  Special DUCATI Track Days

- Open to all DUCATI owners.

5 - GP Parade

- Open to all Grand Prix bikes.

6 - ICGP (Non Championship race)

Logo web -ICGP-pressejpg
Open to all 250cc GP 2 stroke bikes until 1990.

Schedule of the 3 days riding

A security briefing (mandatory) will be given.

You will receive your passes, stickers, numbers...

A technical control of your motorcycle will be done so that you enter the track safely.

Per day, you will ride 6 sessions of 20 min. each (Timing to be confirmed).

Track Days for whom ?

There will be 3 groups based on your circuit experience.

• Beginner's level : participants who have never ridden on a circuit.

• Experienced level : participants who have already ridden on circuit or have taken track riding courses.

• Level confirmed : participants who regulary ride on circuit.

What type of motorcycle ?

All road or track motorcycles are allowed. Sidecars, Canam or Quads are not accepted.

No noise standard so exhaust free is accepted.

What type of equipment ?

Security is a very important issue.

Riders must be equipped with full leathers (both zipped parts are accepted), a full face helmet, leather gloves, boots and a back protector.

We attach great importance to this point. Be sure to pack your gear, as we may prohibit access to the track in the event of a breach or obsolete equipment.

High standards of the event

Briefing in your language, track marshals, ambulance, technical staff...

Everything is planned so that your riding sessions take place in the best conditions.

An ideal circuit

Located in northern Greece, at 90 km of Thessaloniki, the circuit of Serres is not a world championship circuit. But the goal is not to compete.

Its length is 3,186 km and  consists of technical turns and 1 straight.

Its ideal to have fun or discover the joys of riding on a circuit.

It is perfect for both beginners and experienced riders.