Are there supplements ?

Our rates include Outbound/Return Ferry with cabin, accommodation with breakfast in the "hotel" formula, access to the track.

Meals and drinks are your responsability during the crossing and during your stay in Greece.

At the circuit , you will have the opportunity to have lunch at very good prices.

For dinner , its you who decide. You can either dine at the hotel or go to a nice restaurant in town.

There will not be room for everyone !

The number of participants is limited to 180. We expect Englsh, French, German, Swiss, Italian, Spanish, Belgians, ...

Reservations for the ferry, the circuit and the hotel must be made as soon as possible, so we ask you in the case that you're interested to register as soon as possible.

Who can register as a rider ?

All people minimum of 18 years old.

Can I register 2 motorcycles ?

No, the registration fee includes one motorcycle for a sngle rider.

If you have a 2nd motorcycle in reserve, it will be accepted but no question of riding it in another group or be ridden by another person.

And accompanying persons ?

They are welcome, the packages are planned in this way.

For safety and security reasons, animals are prohibited.

Are there any track baptisms ?

Yes , it's planned. 3 laps of the track with a  Legend.

Like in 2018, Freddie Spencer will be your rider.

Unforgettable memory.

Please reserve now your ride with "Fast Freddie" at the price of 60 €.