Register now before July 31th, 2023.

20% deposit to guarantee your participation.

> Live an unforgettable experience

Motorcycle is your passion.

To fully experience it, Legends on Track at SERRES offers you an exceptional stay in GREECE from September 2023 18 to 26.

At the program :

Welcome to hotel G in ANCONA with an evening of presentation
Boat crossing to IGOUMENITSA.

Luxurious hotel in SERRES, near the circuit.

And 3 TRACK DAYS on the SERRES circuit, with exceptional riders, stars of the Grand Prix, Superbike and Tourist Trophy.

> A simple and unique concept

Thanks to the close links forged with the motorcycle riders, Arnaldo WITTEMBERG, right hand man of Giacomo AGOSTINI, organizes, under the banner of Legends on Track at SERRES, Track Days on circuits, with the presence of the legends of the Superbike and the Tourist Trophy.

A stay that mixes riding, exceptional encounters and relaxation.

All of this in a country where the sun is king.

> Stars just for you

They make you dream!
These 2 stars are part of the top of their discipline whether it is Superbike or Tourist Trophy !


23 Tourist Trophy victories

> Troy Corser

2 Times SBK World Champion

Well, these exceptional riders will travel with you and better, they will ride by your side, eat with you, sleep in the same hotel and attend the same briefings.

Faced with safety, all riders are equal, champions or not!

> Track Days for everyone

Legends on Track at SERRES is open to participants who wish to ride on the track with legendary riders.

We form groups according to motorcycles:

● McGUINNESS TT TROPHY : open to classic bikes (before 1993)
● CORSER TROPHY : open to modern bikes (after 1993)

and according to the level of the participants:

• Beginner : participants who have never ridden on a circuit

• Experimented : participants who have already ridden on circuit or have taken track riding courses.

• Confirmed : participants who regularly ride on circuits.

A certificate of participation signed by the 2 Legends will be given to each participating rider.

Motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to accompany us and who, even if they do not ride on a circuit, want to discover GREECE, are welcome.

Possibility to come by road for the following countries : GERMANY, AUSTRIA, POLAND, SLOVAKIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, SLOVENIA, CROATIA, SERBIA, HUNGARY, ROMANIA and of course the neighboring countries of GREECE, BULGARIA and TURKEY.

> Schedule of the 3 days riding

A security briefing (mandatory) will be given.

The course of the day and the essential safety rules for driving on the circuit will be detailed.

You will then receive your passes, stickers, numbers….

The track is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Per day, you will ride 5 to 6 sessions of 20 minutes (timing to be confirmed)

3 days of riding are planned.

> What type of motorcycle ?

All road or track motorcycles, (modern or classic). Canam and quads are not accepted.

No noise standard : so exhaust free is accepted.

Of course, to ride on the track, your motorcycle must be well maintained : tires, brakes, etc..

Before departure, make sure to check its general condition.

> Equipment

We attach great importance to safety.

Riders must be equipped with one-piece full leather
(two zipped pieces are tolerated).

Full face helmet, leather gloves, "track" boots, back protector compulsory.

Sneakers shoes are not allowed, even if they are distributed by an equipment supplier.

Please make sure to bring your equipment with you, as we may deny you the access to the track in case of lack of equipment or obsolete equipment.

> High standards of the event

Briefing in your language, track marshals, doctor, ambulance, firefighters, technical staff…

Everything is planned so that your riding sessions take place in the best conditions.

See our frequently asked questions for more details.


As in the 2 previous years, Tina will be on the trip with Lothar and Christoph to restore the bones and joints of the riders!

Tina Breier
Heilpraktikerin für Physiotherapie
Mobile : 00 49 1602 5983 87

> An ideal circuit

Located in Northern GREECE, 90 km from THESSALONIKI, the SERRES circuit is not a world championship circuit.

But the goal is not to compete.

Its 3.186 km track, composed of technicals bends and a beautiful straight, is ideal for having fun or discovering the joys of riding on a circuit.

It is ideal for beginners as well as experienced riders.

> Visit here the circuit of SERRES

Omonoia’s Athletic Park – P. Box 1236 –

> Visit here the city of SERRES