In the event of government measures hindering the proper execution of the stay, LEGENDS ON TRACK reserves the right to cancel the trip.
All payments will be refunded.

Are there any prices supplements ?

Our prices include ferry crossings (round trip) with cabin if requested, accommodation with breakfast in the "Hotel" formula, access to the track.

Meals and drinks are not included during the crossing.

Optional "bodily injury" insurance.


Meals (lunch and dinner) are not included. At the circuit, you will have the opportunity to have lunch at moderate prices.

For the evening, it's up to you. You can have dinner at the hotel, or go to a nice restaurant in the town of SERRES which is a few minutes from the hotel.

Registrations are limited

Only people whose registrations will be accompanied by a payment will be part of the trip.

We are expecting English, French, Irish, German, Swiss, Italian, Spanish, Belgian participants…

Reservations for the ferry, the circuit and the hotel must be made as soon as possible, this is why we ask you to register before 30 June 2022.

As a rider, who can register ?

All people with the ability to ride a motorcycle aged at least 18 years old.

Can I register two motorcycles ?

No, the registration price includes a motorcycle for a single rider.

If you have a second motorcycle, it will be accepted but no question to ride it in another group or with another person.

And the people accompanying the riders ?

They are welcome, the packages are also provided for this purpose.

Click here to access the form for people who do not ride motorcycles in the "Timing and Prices" section.

For security reasons, animals are prohibited.

Insurance ?

On the track, riders are not responsible for each other.

No insurance covers damage to the motorcycles.